Services for investment and transaction consulting

The Link between Finance and Property

Scherer Capital Advisory


Flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and trust-based working hours are the core components of our work culture.

Capital as fuel

Capital as fuel of the real estate industry - The interest rate determines the direction. Buildings are therefore almost always built on debt. Efficient loan structuring is therefore the foundation of the real estate business.

Real Estate
Structured Finance

For years now, steadily tightening regulations (Basel II, Basel III, minimum requirements for risk management, etc.) have been observed within the national banking landscape, such as international capital markets. In the course of this, synchronous structures with changing, sometimes unconventional lenders have opened up as meaningful and convincing supplements. Alternative financing instruments ...

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Cash flow modeling

  • - DCF creation
  • - Special prgramming (VBA)
  • - Modeling
  • - Cash-Flow Modeling
  • - Modell-Auditing
  • - Recommendations for action on the topics of cash flow modeling, investment accounting and risk management


Regulation of returns

  • - Yields and Multiples
  • - Cash on Cash (CoC)
  • - Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • - Differentiation of the yield (MIRR/FMRR/VOFI)
  • - Net present value
  • - Calculation of profitability
  • - Investment consulting
  • - Financial consulting
  • - Model renovations


Risk analysis

  • - Sensitivity analysis
  • - Scenario analysis
  • - Simulation analysis
  • - Tornado-plot-analysis


Corporate finance

  • - Key figures
  • - Private Equity
  • - Discountingperiod
  • - Risk coverage approach
  • - Transaction multiples
  • - Acquisition financing
  • - Income statement