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Corporate Finance

The high level of investment by activist investors continues. For 2019, the Boston Consulting Group expects a similar high level as last year. In 2018, investors in Europe invested twice as much in campaigns as on average from 2013 to 2016. German companies are increasingly attracting activist investors. Every fourth DAX company has been the target of an activist-driven campaign at least once, according to M&A experts. Companies should therefore invest early in active capital market communication and develop dialogue with investors. Companies that anticipate the approach of investors could take appropriate countermeasures in good time and react more efficiently in an emergency. Sound preparation for transactional campaigns has become indispensable in the proactive sense.

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet assets / Balance sheet liabilities
  • Key figures
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Discounting period
  • Company value & Purchase price
  • Earnings Value Method / Simplified Earnings Value Method
  • Acquisition financing
  • EVA Business Valuation
  • Transaction multiples
  • Industry multipliers

  • Asset value method
  • Mixing process
  • Equity- and Borrowing-Costs
  • Capitalization rates
  • DCF rating
  • Convergence model
  • Specific period of WACC
  • Cashflows
  • Risk-taking approach
  • Private Equity