Benefits for investors seeking capital


Capital structures

The need for advice on efficient capital structures is growing rapidly. This forces all market players in the real estate industry to put their structures to the test as business processes. So the big opportunity lies in questioning habits and breaking them with advantage.

Structured Finance

Scherer Capital Advisory advises investors, project developers and lenders on all capital and financing issues relating to real estate investments and project developments in Germany. In doing so, Scherer Capital Advisory structures conventional debt financing as well as mezzanine, equity and capital market vehicles. This also serves as an investment opportunity for private and institutional investors with a focus on the asset classes Real Estate Core, Core +, Value-Added and Opportunistic Investments.

Highly qualified finance and capital market expertise is combined with extensive experience such as detailed market knowledge through structured capital issues. Scherer Capital Advisory realizes i.R. real estate transactions in portfolio management and transaction advisory. financing opportunities, and provide developers and investors with competitive advantages through the early linking of capital flows.

We advise on complex real estate financing and accompany the loan process on the part of the borrower.

Transaction Advisory

  • Process control and placement of investors for real estate
  • Structuring of financing
  • Excellent network
  • Direct access to decision makers

With the help of our first-class network, we discreetly guide the search for suitable investors for your project or portfolio through our direct access to decision-makers. With our background on capital strength and financing opportunities of potential investors, we have the key information for you to complete.

Corporate Finance

The high level of investment by activist investors continues. For 2018, the Boston Consulting Group expects a similar high level as last year. In 2017, investors in Europe invested twice as much in campaigns as on average from 2013 to 2016. German companies are increasingly attracting activist investors.

Every fourth DAX company has been the target of an activist-driven campaign at least once, according to M&A experts. Companies should therefore invest early in active capital market communication and develop dialogue with investors. Companies that anticipate the approach of investors could take appropriate countermeasures in good time and react more efficiently in an emergency. Sound preparation for transactional campaigns has become indispensable in the proactive sense.